Invitation for submission of manuscripts on PhD programs  

Dear Colleagues,

One of the problems in European PhD programs in medicine and public health is the lack of information. Only few universities have those programs on their web sites.
Therefore we invite all medical schools, schools of public health and research institutes involved in such programs to send a manuscript no matter whether they will or will not attend the Conference. You may find the monograph describing different models to be of use. Following are the Instructions (Instructions are also available for printing as MS Word and Adobe PDF documents).

Instructions for preparation of manuscript to be published in extenso in a monograph with a working title
European PhD Programs in Biomedicine and Health Sciences

One of the primary goals of the Conference is to get insight how PhD programs in biomedicine and health sciences currently look like in Europe. We believe that a publication with some introductory articles written by the invited speakers might contribute to harmonization and development of these programs. It is thus very important to collect such data from as many European universities as possible. We kindly ask even those universities which will not be able to attend the conference to send us manuscripts about their programs. In return all first authors and all institutions will receive one copy of a monograph free of charge. For preparation of a manuscript please follow the rules outlined bellow.

  • All manuscripts should be sent as attachments to the e-mail address of Conference Secretary: Professor Jadranka Božikov, e-mail:
  • To have a monograph printed for the Conference all manuscripts must be received until April 19th 2004.
  • Manuscripts should be written using the most common fonts like Times New Roman. If figures and pictures are included please incorporate them in the text in JPG (JPEG) or GIF format. They will be reproduced in black and white.
  • Try to organize the manuscript as follows:
       Name(s), surname(s), title(s) and academic position(s) of all authors
       References (if you use them please use Vancouver rules, yr; vol: pp)
  • Writing the manuscript please tray to answer the questions outlined bellow:
    1. Do you have a PhD program at your medical school, school of public health or research Institute?
    2. If so, is it covering only a certain more or less narrow field (i.e. neuroscience, public health etc.)?
      If you have more than one program please provide a list of all programs.
    3. Are you planning to organize a new PhD program(s) in accordance with the Bologna Declaration?
    4. If you don't have a PhD program what is a substitute for it in scientific/academic career (for example habilitation (please give us a short description), published papers (is it a quantitative criterion), experience (is it quantitative)?
    5. If you have a PhD program is it organized:
      1. as research under the guidance of a supervisor of the PhD thesis only or
      2. a combination of research for the thesis and organized courses (please specify the course load)?
    6. If your answer to the previous question was (b) please answer following questions:
      - is the study divided into fields (disciplines),
      - are the students allowed to choose courses regardless of disciplines,
      - duration of the PhD study in years.
    7. Is there an intermediate degree (for example Master of Science, licentiate) before or during attaining the PhD and, if so, state the name of the degree.
    8. Conditions for PhD enrolment: whether MD or some other degree is a prerogative (and which?).
      What is the required grade average and whether supervisors are required.
    9. Conditions for approval of PhD dissertation: number of accumulated credits, number of published papers, other.
    10. Are foreign experts involved in evaluation of PhD dissertation? How often?
    11. Appearance of the PhD dissertation: whether or not it contains published papers.
    12. Whether the attainment of the PhD degree a prerequisite for academic career (i.e attaining a status of associate professor or other).
  • Manuscript should not exceed 4 pages (single spacing, font Times New Roman 10 pt).

Also, we kindly ask you to fill out the enclosed Questionnaire that is at the same time Registration form. This will enable the organizer to prepare an overview of PhD programs in Europe. Please visit the Registration & Questionnaire page, fill out the Questionnaire and send it to the Conference President.