Dear colleagues:

We have to regret to say that we have received none application for the EMBEC'05 Scientific Award. We suspect that the demands were too stringent, especially with regard to the age of potential applicants. For this reason, we have now extended this age limit to 31.12.1974 (instead of 31.12.1980). We should consider that even Einstein had been a little bit older than 24 years when he had published his fundamental work about the photoeffect and the relativity theory. Also the deadline for application has been shifted from 31.12.2004 to 30.04.2005. We hope that these changes will encourage many potential candidates to submit their application. Please help to inform and encourage young colleagues to apply for the EMBEC Scientific Award. You will find the complete guidelines for application in the attachment and also in the EMBEC'05 homepage where you can find many more interesting information about this coming great event EMBEC'05 in Prague.

Prof. Dr. H. Hutten