Preliminary program

In general we will work in sessions, chaired by several members of Scientific & Organizing Committee. Chairmen, together with the Scientific & Organizing Committee, will prepare written proposal of consensus statement (that is why we have usually one invited speaker but 4 chairpersons). Discussion about invited lectures and proposed consensus statement, exchange of experiences and ideas as cornerstone of the Conference.

Friday, April 23, 2004
  2000 - Welcoming reception coctail party at the Dverce City Palace given by the Lady Major of Zagreb Ms. Vlasta Pavić
Saturday, April 24, 2004
  930 - 1030 Welcome and introduction - Details will be announced here
  Chair: Helena Jasna Mencer, Boris Labar and Marija Dominis
  1030 - 1100 Coffee break
  1100 - 1300 Session 1: Overview of PhD programs in different universities and countries
  Chair: Petr Hach, László Vécsei and Zdravko Lacković
  Invited lecturers:
Vincenzo Costigliola
: EPOWEB project about medical postgraduate programs in Europe
Zdravko Lacković, Jadranka Božikov and Marija Dominis: Overview of PhD programs received by Scientific & Organizing Committee
Chairpersons will present proposal of consensus statement
  1300 - 1400 Lunch
  1400 - 1530 Session 2: PhD programs in the Bologna process
  Chair: Vincenzo Costigliola, Charls Normand, Marija Dominis and Jadranka Božikov
  Invited lecturer:
Guy Haug
: Trends in PhD programs in the context of the Bologna process
Chairpersons will present proposal of consensus statement
  1530 - 1600 Coffee break
  1600 - 1800 Session 3: Master programs in medicine and public health: are they still necessary? Where to place them in the Bologna process, interrelations among master programs, PhD programs, programs for specialists and CME
  Chair: Charles Normand, Cees C. Leibbrandt and Stjepan Orešković
  Invited lecturers:
Charles Normand
: Is there a need for Master Programs in Public Health and Medicine?
Cees C. Leibbrandt: Problems and achievements in continuing medical education (CME) in Europe
Chairpersons will present proposal of consensus statement
  1630 - 1800 Optional session - some other topics have been suggested but participants are not as yet confirmed)
  2000 - Welcoming dinner reception party given by Medical School Dean Professor Boris Labar - information will be available here
Sunday, April 25, 2004
  930 - 1100 Session 4: Is there a need for regional, international cooperation network(s) in PhD Programs (what are possible modalities)?
  Chair: Joachim Seitz, Nada Čikeš and Boris Labar
  Invited lecturers:
Hans Joachim Seitz
: How to promote cooperation in South - East Europe? DAAD experience
Nada Čikeš, Aleksa Bjeliš, Helena Jasna Mencer: The role of University of Zagreb in developing joint doctoral programs
Chairpersons will present proposal of consensus statement
  1100 - 1130 Coffee break
  1130 - 1330 Session 5: Closing discussion, conclusions, recommendations etc.
  Chair: Petr Hach, Vicenco Costigliola, Charles Normand, Zdravko Lacković and Jadwiga Mirecka
Chairpersons will present proposals of consensus statements and recommendations.
  1330 - Lunch